Client Testimonials

Taking action of investing to increase my bottom line has been intimidating to say the least.

What is the wisest choice for a beginner like me to start with ?  I wanted something simple that I would be able to understand the basics and get up and moving quickly.  I also needed to minimize my risk, where my small beginning investment, ($1,000) could be protected if possible.  I wanted something where I could watch my initial investment grow reasonably quick without the risk of losing it all.


So where do I start?  Stocks? Bonds? Futures? Mutual funds?  I felt confused, overwhelmed and stuck. But I also new I wanted and needed to get going for my future.

I knew that Suzan was quit successful in the options market. I didn't know what they were, or what they could do for me, if anything. So one morning I decided to simply ask her.


Suzan began explaining to me the fundamental basics of options without the college rhetoric.  I asked her if she could teach me about options as if I were ten years old.  She listened to my request. My knowledge and my confidence quickly grew.  I now had laser-like focus on one investment vehicle. Just what I needed.  Long story short, my small initial investment of $1,000 has grown to nearly $7,000 In less than 9 months.  

Suzan has given me the jumpstart, the courage I needed to get started on one of my wisest financial decisions I've ever made.  


Options for beginners at is finest!


Thank you for getting me focused on success, Suzan.



Michael Methuen, Massachusetts  


I can't even begin to thank you for your patience and guidance.  I know I mentioned this to you already, but I'm leaving this here for others to see.  Suzan spent two in-home sessions with me, giving me hands-on experience in trading stocks, looking at her charting methodology, understanding short term vs long term patterns, and how I can improve my profitability through a steady, well thought out Options strategy.  For someone who doesn't have the time to sit in front of my computer on a daily basis, she gave me the insight and confidence to execute longer term swing trades trades that will work for me while I'm at my practice, not requiring my daily intervention.  There's no way I could have figured it all out without you, Suzan!

Dr. Charles, Boston, 5/14/18

Thank you so much for your help understanding the options market.  As you know when I came to you I was a total rookie.  Now I have a good grasp on things and am confident in my trades. Thank you for your patience and knowledge.  I couldn't have done it without you!

Michelle A. 5/10/18


Thank you for all of your patience and insight.  Your knowledge of the stock markets is amazing!  I feel so comfortable now, on my own, trading my own portfolio!  My daily volume and profits are increasing with my confidence.  Thank you!  

Allen, NYC, 5/1/2018

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