Our Philosophy

We want to demystify the concepts behind investing and trading stock and/or options portfolios. We understand how intimidating it can be to start a portfolio, learn the basics of trading strategies, and build confidence that those strategies can weather all the volatility of the markets while continuing to grow your wealth and financial independence.  At BID Consulting Group, we take great pride in coaching our clients, mentoring you throughout the process, and strengthening your ability to trade on your own.  Regardless of your skill level or previous experience with the stock and options markets, we work with you to overcome any fears or roadblocks you've run into before.  Our goal: to help you become a profitable, independent trader.

Let us help you with any of the following:

Some Goals to Keep in Mind:

  • Financial Independence

  • Learn to Manage Risk vs Reward

  • Gain Confidence

  • Obtain the luxuries you seek

  • More Freedom of Time

  • Understanding The Stock Market

  • Stocks, IPO's & Options Basics

  • Setting up a Trading Account

  • Essentials for Successful Trading

  • Trading Strategies

  • Software/Trading Tools

  • Technical Analysis

  • Fundamental Analysis

  • Stochastic Analysis/Charting

  • Overcoming Emotional Barriers

  • Managing Risk Tolerance

  • Understanding Liquidity

  • Setting Daily Volume Goals

  • Day Trading

  • Long Term Investing

Our Team
Suzan Hart, Founder | Mentor


I attended college with a focus on Business and Economics, and during my time there I quickly learned that my spirit would be fulfilled as an entrepreneur, not as a corporate participant.  I have been a longtime advocate and believer in discovering my own path to financial independence. In my early business years, I pursued opportunities ranging from the beauty industry, to real estate and insurance.  As soon as I started participating in the financial industry, I was hooked.

Having spent many years working in the corporate/financial services arena, I benefited from the expertise and guidance of many Wall Street executives, analysts and traders, all of whom helped shape my understanding of the markets, and tailor my own successful trading strategies.  There is no easy road to successfully building wealth, and many traders have experienced numerous fluctuations in achievements before finding their niche and winning style.

A huge motivation for me was my family.  Everyone can understand the feeling of responsibility and love one has for their family's well being, and I was no different.  Striving for financial independence, stability and a better life for them overwhelmingly helped me focus on one goal: financial freedom.

I also come from a background of teaching.  Nothing feeds my soul more than the ability to help others, helping them overcome their fears about investing their hard earned money, and seeing them blossom toward their own financial independence.  Many of my clients come from all backgrounds: educational, financial, and social.  Regardless of your current career, your goals are the same as others, and many of the fears or uncertainties about trading are common to many!

For many years now, I have augmented my knowledge of the markets, fine-tuned my strategies and expanded my own portfolios.  I attend frequent industry seminars, sales & management training, and numerous trading & investment workshops.  I have personally tested various trading software and tools as well as a variety of trading strategies.  This commitment to stay in touch with other successful market participants allows me the opportunity to pass on what I've learned to my clients, helping to allay what might otherwise be a very intimidating process. 


Staying focused on your goals, discovering what type of trader you are and sticking to your path are paramount to your success! My first piece of advice when I entered this world was to not feel rushed, not to feel that I was 'missing out,' and exercise patience - there's always a next wave to catch!

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